RFSL Norrköping is an organization with a long, exciting and colorful history of association with driving enthusiasts in both the sex police cally work but also as a purely social meeting place for people who lived / live outside the prevailing heteronormativity.

RFSL Norrköping was founded November 14, 1975, and the association has developed enormously during these years that have passed and the issues which were driven we see today as a matter of course, such as marriage, artificial insemination and adoption.

The association has had its premises on Skepparegatan, Bryggaregatan, Västgötebacken, Meritullinkatu, Theatre Street, Broad Street, Theatre Street and is now in its fine new premises at Kungsgatan 62nd

Do you have stories about how it was before the RFSL Norrköping so please email your story to the association so it comes up on our website, you can remain anonymous if you wish. You can also send your story by mail or give it to someone on the board. Even pictures of our old premises and activities that were once we gratefully accepted.

A full summary of the association’s history is being made.