Tuesday 28/2 we drive even a lecture / round table with Family counseling this time.
All are welcome and the café is open as usual from 17 and there are sandwiches and pastries, hot and cold beverages.
Family counseling is a municipal-driven call receive targeted at adults, and it can be in various forms of family relationships. There may be few, there may be several people who live together, there can be adult children in relation to their parents, there could be sibling relationships, there may be difficulties in communication between separated parents etc.
Family Counselors in Norrkoping, all social workers with psychotherapeutic further education and we have years of experience working with relationship in both heterosexual as homosexual relationships.
We thought that we begin with a description of the above and then some about how we think about relationships and how we work with the people who seek our help. Besides we describe this as we seek a dialogue with your questions or feedback.