RFSL Support services


Since 1998, RFSL has offered crime victim support to LGBTQ people who have experienced abuse, threats, and violence. Sometimes these acts are criminal, but not always. Family and friends of individuals, as well as those working with vulnerable LGBTQ people, are welcome to seek information and assistance from RFSL’s Crime Victim Support.

With about 200 people seeking support every year, RFSL Support Services is Sweden’s most experienced LGBTQ victim support.

Our RFSL Support Services also works to educate and inform, highlighting LGBTQ people’s experiences and exposure to violence in close relationships, hate crimes, sexual violence, and honour-related violence.

RFSL Support Services has become a resource centre for issues regarding violence and LGBTQ people, and we are often asked to provide training, participate in reference groups for governmental investigations, and share knowledge and information through our networks.

Individual Support

Individual support is provided through phone calls and/or via e-mail. The calls are free of charge and confidential, and callers can remain anonymous.

RFSL provides:

  • individual emergency counselling, or several processing counselling sessions
  • information about rights
  • assistance with care and contact with authorities
  • support with reporting crime and the legal process
  • contact with complainant’s counsel
  • safe and secure sheltered living accommodation for two people in Stockholm

Education and Guidance for Professionals

RFSL Support Service has unique knowledge and skills in supporting LGBTQ people who have experienced violence. We offer specialised guidance to other professionals, such as social workers, youth health workers, the Police, school counsellors, and other victim support organisations. We also provide training for organisations wanting to increase their competency in engaging with LGBTQ people who have experienced violence.


Telephone: 020-34 13 16 (free)

E-mail: stod@rfsl.se