Becoming and being a parent


RFSL Stockholm project about LGBT families gather information about parenting, about becoming and being a parent as LGBTQ person. Here you will also find relevant legal information for rainbow.

Many people have a wish to become a parent and the roads to parenthood can be different, especially for LGBTQ people. Do I want to become a parent with one or more people? Do I have the possibility of getting pregnant by myself and do I want to? What do laws and norms look like regarding LGBTQ people and parenthood? What opportunities do I have to become a parents?

Families with children may look very different and to choose a family constellation that suits you, you need information about practical courses of action and what your legal rights are. You also need information about what legal rights you don’t have and how to manage that. Regardless of how you’re planning to become a parent we hope that you find the information you need here.

Klick the link for more information: To become and be a parent!