Become a Member

RFSL conducts sexual political opinion and branches around Sweden create important social meeting places. RFSL works for LGBTQ people, but of course everyone who wants to support LGBTQ rights is welcome!

Thank you for wanting to support RFSL and the important work for the rights of LGBTQ people through your membership. You also get a nice key chain in the colors of the rainbow with the text RFSL when you become a member on site with us, or when you come in and show your new membership.

Click on the link to become a member and you will be taken to the RFSL association’s website or talk to someone on the board and we will help you.

I want to become a member of the RFSL.

Membership fee

The membership fee in RFSL is SEK 100 per year.

Even in the year you turn 26, you can become a member of RFSL Ungdom.
For you who are under 25, it is free to be a member of RFSL Ungdom.

Arguments for becoming a member

  • As a member, you take a stand for the rights of LGBTQ people.
  • As a member, you support an LGBT political actor locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Each member means a stronger voice and better muscle for the RFSL to make a difference.
  • As a member, you will be updated on LGBT issues.
  • RFSL faces strong opposition from homophobic, transphobic and biphobic forces in Sweden and the world and needs more friends who take a stand.
  • You can be involved and influence RFSL.