School information

We know how it is …

to be gay, lesbian or bisexual. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge of the theme days or in the ordinary sex and relationships education. Every year hits RFSL Norrköping informers students around the eastern Östergötland (mainly Norrköping, Finspång, Söderköping and Valdemarsvik municipalities).

This is how it works
To provide information about homosexuality and bisexuality and transgender persons in connection with theme days on sex and relationships provide a good opportunity for both students and teachers to talk about the subject. Even within the framework of other school subjects such as social studies, biology, psychology and life skills, many schools today to take up the topic of LGBTQ.

The school will contact RFSL Norrköping and booking information. Two homosexual or bisexual or transgender, a man and a woman, meet the students at the school unless otherwise desired.

Structure of information
The association has two different types of information to choose from.

Ordinare school information. The regular school information that RFSL Norrköping conducts based on standard critical pedagogy developed by RFSL Association. During the information currently holds the lecturer a dialogue with the students including about prejudice, gender norms, sexuality and LGBT basic facts.

“My Way Out” is an identity-oriented school information where those who lecture tells their own backgrounds to come on, come out as LGBT. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, this information should be viewed as a supplement to the Annual skoliformationen.

Length of information provided

The information offered by the society lasts 60 minutes or more.

Knowledge changes attitudes
Openness breeds openness. By openly and educational way to answer students’ questions, we want to achieve a dialogue where no prejudice is too big or too stupid to be aired. Together with the students informants sort out misunderstandings, and offers students a unique opportunity to broaden their understanding of what can be perceived as different.

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